Little Wekiva River Erosion Control Projects

The Little Wekiva River (LWR) spans 15+ miles, flowing northward across Orange and Seminole Counties in Central Florida. Much of the river flows through highly urbanized areas and is channelized. The river is experiencing increased velocities and flow rates, leading to erosion concerns and increased sediments. Over the years, SAI has been asked to develop erosion control designs for numerous sections of the LWR spanning several municipalities. These include:

  • Stormwater modeling efforts for the entire LWR watershed to support design efforts along the river. SAI modeled existing and design conditions and obtained the necessary permits for construction.
  • Erosion had resulted in property damage and condemnation of an apartment building in Altamonte Springs. Our design included push-in sheet pile wall and the restoration of an existing reno mattress failure. Emergency authorization was obtained from the SJRWMD in order to construct this project before receiving ERP and Sovereign Submerged Lands approval.
  • The Northwestern Bridge Area project involved the development of several design alternatives to protect the channel banks and adjacent properties and to improve maintenance of the channel. The final design included a 21-ft high gabion MSE retaining wall.
  • The LWR experienced erosion and flooding in the area of the Horse Lover's Lane bridge and the Spring Lake outfall canal. SAI developed design alternatives and construction plans for the final design, which included installation of reno mattress and gabions along the banks and replacing existing driveway bridge culverts with a large 14' x 6' concrete box culvert.
  • After a section of the LWR collapsed in Orange County, SAI designed a push-in sheet pile wall to stabilize the bank and replace the failed geo-web system. SAI conducted construction inspections and water turbidity testing throughout construction. SAI also addressed erosion concerns upstream of the new wall using natural grassed slopes. SAI developed construction plans and permitted the designs, which were both successfully constructed.
  • SAI developed construction plans to connect existing sections of gabion structures within the LWR in Orange County, where a 300-ft section of the channel bound by gabion structures upstream and downstream was experiencing significant erosion. Construction of these improvements was completed early 2019.
  • Bank erosion north of Edgewater Drive is threatening several industrial parking areas and utility poles. SAI developed several alternatives to stabilize the riverbanks. The final design includes 1,000-feet of gabion-lined channel with up to 12-ft high walls and an articulated block mattress bottom. SAI developed construction plans and obtained permits for the project, which is expected to begin construction in the fall of 2019.