MacDill AFB Airfield Drainage Design & Environmental Mitigation

SAI was contracted by Danner Construction Co. to serve as the Engineer of Record responsible for design and permitting of this design-build airfield repair project. MacDill Air Force Base (MAFB) had been experiencing long-term bird aircraft strike hazards from wading birds attracted to wet areas of the airfield. SAI developed a regrading design for the 122-acre airfield, which involved filling existing wetland areas adjacent to the runways and mitigating those wetlands further away from the airfield. In addition, the design included over 2 miles of regraded ditch, over 1,300 feet of concrete pipe, and 30 mitered end section structures modified for 10:1 slopes and structural requirements to meet the US Air Force runway clear zone requirements. SAI's design also eliminated the need for tide gates for the drainage system, which discharges into Tampa Bay. SAI was responsible for working closely with MAFB, meeting the US Air Force design and submittal requirements, and adhering to DoD standards for construction plan submittals. Design and permitting of the project required modeling that accounted for tidal changes within Tampa Bay. During the course of construction SAI provided construction administration services as needed on behalf of the contractor.