Midway Regional Stormwater & Recreational Facility

SAI was contracted by Seminole County to design a regional stormwater facility on two parcels of land previously used by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences. The project site was previously operated by the University for the research of agricultural chemicals. Furthermore, the receiving water body for the site (Lake Monroe) has a nutrient and dissolved oxygen TMDL established. As such, the project required significant coordination with FDEP's remediation consultant to address soil contamination and pollutant loading calculations for 12 parameters. SAI also conducted a master drainage study of the surrounding region as part of the design process.

SAI's final design consisted of a series of interconnected cascading ponds totaling 22 acres that incorporated recreational features, such as walking trails. The RSF was designed to provide excess flood attenuation and treatment capacity for the 113-acre watershed and a planned roadway expansion project, as well as for 160 additional acres and future development projects that will discharge into the facility. SAI developed an allocation/accounting procedure to allow the County to track flood attenuation and treatment capacity in the RSF as new projects are approved.

SAI also assisted the County in grant preparation to obtain $1.8 million in additional funding for construction of the project. In addition, SAI attended workshops and public meetings to present information to and solicit comments from the general public. SAI has been providing ongoing additional design services as needed to re-route additional drainage area to the RSF in accordance with the permit.