Town Center at Palm Coast

Town Center at Palm Coast is a 1,600-acre mixed-use development in Palm Coast, Florida. SAI was contracted to design and permit all of the civil infrastructure for the site, using an integrated water resources approach in the design of the stormwater system and incorporating natural site features into the site development wherever practical.

SAI prepared mass grading plans and designed 5 miles of roadways and associated sidewalks, two lighted intersections, and nearly 5 miles of concrete culvert (including 200-ft of 10'x14' concrete box culvert). SAI also designed almost 9 miles of underground utilities (sanitary gravity sewer and force main and potable water) and 10 sanitary lift stations. The stormwater management system for the project included 125 acres of wet detention ponds. Existing wetlands were incorporated into the design for attenuation of treated stormwater runoff, rehydrating the wetlands, reducing the amount of site fill required, and offsetting mitigation requirements for other impacts. Low impact design (LID) techniques were used where possible and stormwater reuse was incorporated to minimize potable water demands.

SAI successfully permitted the development through multiple local, state, and federal agencies. SAI served as the CDD Engineer and subsequently served as the full-time resident project representative during construction of all civil infrastructure.