Lake Mills Road at Mills Creek Drainage and Erosion Control Project

Flooding caused by a tropical storm resulted in the overtopping and eventual failure of Lake Mills Road in Seminole County, Florida. The existing culvert at this location had collapsed during the storm event, resulting in significant overtopping and erosion of the roadway. As an emergency response measure, SAI was contracted by the County to quickly develop a design for the roadway and culvert. Stormwater modeling was conducted using ICPRv3 and revealed that the existing culvert had been undersized. The final design included upsizing the culvert to improve conveyance and the addition of a control structure nearby to avoid adverse impacts to upstream wetland systems under normal flow conditions. SAI also prepared construction plans in accordance with NRCS specifications, obtained the ERP permit, and provided bidding assistance. The project was successfully designed and constructed within the NRCS required time frame for fast-tracked emergency response projects.